kombu and rice, sablefish

last night's dinner:
i softened a sheet of dried kombu sea weed in warm chicken broth, then used the strained liquid to steam the rice. the soft kombu was then chopped to a coarse consistency, adding yuzu juice for additional fragrance. the fish was pan fried (removed skin first) in very hot grape oil for one minute, then covered the pan off heat to finish for an additional three minutes. after removing the bones (easy to do, once the fish is cooked) i mixed most of the kombu into the cooked rice, and centered the rest over the fish, adding more yuzu juice.
placed on a black plate this graphic mix of black and white, the combination of fish, rice, and kombu looked invitingly festive.

i can suggest an extraordinary tea to drink alongside this dish:
a marybong darjeeling from steven smith, teamaker, here in portland. this darjeeling is apparently a first flush, harvested in 2012. that's what it says on the box. tea claims are often hard to verify, but from my research steven smith knows about tea, more so than most other tea shops, where a darjeeling is often not what it seems to present.

as it may be, the marybong darjeeling was exceptionally fragrant, delicious in combination with my simple meal.