monkey see, monkey do

a friend of mine recently produced some fabulous candied meyer lemon rinds. i assume they were exquisitely presented and tasted like heaven.
thanks for the reminder, as i never quite keep track of time, christmas  this year being so near. so, and because i've done this now for umphdidumph years, i went and bought grapefruit, the texas kind, and began dismantling peel and fruit. while the peel boiled and boiled and boiled again, i reduced the flesh to a thick sticky mess, yes, of course, to make grapefruit jam. i had queen ann cherries, oven-dried crop from this summer, and the jam and the cherries were a perfect match. on well buttered toasted boule. 
as the peel boiled, my windows steamed up, oh, but the fragrance throughout the house...

here is a quick recipe, though there are minny-minny-minny on line:

  • 4 grapefruits
  • Water, to cover peels
  • 2 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup sugar
  • if the fruit is very heavy it indicates lots of wet rind
  • which might mean only three cold hot, cold hot boilings
  • cut the peel off the fruit, in inch slivers.
  • proceed to boil.
  • drain and sugar and reduce liquid
  • cool strips in syrup
  • dry on a rack
  • place peels in a large ziplock (1 gallon) add much sugar
  • and shake (closed !) bag to coat peels
  • dry sugared peel and store in a air tight box
  • or present in a lovely way
after an initial drying, which took an eternity on account of that rainy and humid weather, i sugared the stuff and dried the peel some more, this time, smartly, in our boiler room, where the very dry temperature is always perfect exactly for this task. so, here they are, ready to be gifted, candied, sweet and very tasty.

in dulci jubilo
happy holidays to you all