my oyster stew for new year's eve

this is the kind of enchanting fare to dish for my stew on new years eve, impossibly easy, no fail, as long as you don't get any of the ingredients to a boil. the stew brings the aroma of freshly shucked oysters, these from the hood canal, that beautiful  seemingly endless basin, a main part of puget sound. 

hama hama oysters are best, let me asure you, tastier, than any east coastlers, be those well fleets, blue points, duxburies or chincoteages. i've lived long enough in manhattan to slurp my full share of these, including quonsets from rhode island, at my beloved grand central oyster bar. most these are brinier, the atlantic having the larger salt content, which makes the west coast stuff softer, sweeter even, with a deeper flavor. true and even more so with the hama hama's as they are harvested at the convergence of salt and sweet water, near the hamlet of lilliwaup, hence they are crisp, of flavor and bite. thus my very favorite for this, my new year's oyster stew.

heat a half quart of crème fraîche to a very soft simmer, add chopped green onion, finely sliced celery, a splash of madeira, a dash of paprica. butter, as you need. when the liquid comes to a simmer slide in two dozen small shucked oysters together with their liquor and gently cook until the edge of those oysters curl. two minutes max. salt and pepper to your taste, then serve at once. 

i like oyster crackers instead of toast, but either will work fine. champagne or methode of such would be lovely to get you from the old to the new, an in between nap for the old folk and at midnight beethoven. what else?

freude schöner götterfunken, tochter aus elysium...,
alle menschen werden brüder...