the cabbage and the radish

the cabbage and the radish once sat at a counter, when the radish taunted and challenged the cabbage saying i bet the cook likes me better because i taste crisp and peppery, while you are only the lowly cabbage, tasting vapid and dull. along came the cook and roasted the cabbage in oil and wonderful spices. in the end she added the radish, sliced into rounds. when the dish was done, they both tallied for the best, the radish had turned mild and sublime, the cabbage sweet and toothsome. 

a simple side dish to fish or fowl. better yet, an exquisite stand-alone: stir-fry the cabbage like in madhur jaffrey's recipe for stir-fried cabbage with fennel seeds ( towards the end add a dozen or so sliced round raw radishes. the kind that come in a rainbow's colors. as these wilt together they lose most of their radish heat and turn into crunchy savory rounds.

i wouldn't ever want to improve on jaffrey's cooking, nor indeed could i, i love her unusual assortment of spices, especially those of cumin seeds and the garam masala. my addition to this delicious recipe for the common cabbage, is meant solely to pattern her creation with the beautiful rounds of the radish. the overall flavor hardly changes, simply linking a slight additional crunch to the whole.