twelve minute - bay shrimp and hom mali jasmine rice

a dinner as elementary as i like. twelve minutes max from a cold kitchen to the hungry mouth. given all ingredients are in house, the cat, named trouble, won't want a shrimp and another, and provided my beautiful assistent is upstairs humming-bird-watching or, more likely, ebay-ing issey miyake and hutschenreuther.

i toss a cup of rice, plus a little more than a cup springwater into the rice cooker for just about ten minutes. all that while i swirl tiny mushrooms in oil over high - three minutes, followed by pre-cleaned and shelled, defrosted bay shrimp - two minutes, doused with sake and flamed - one minute, skattering a good tinge of rose paprika into the mix - one minute, adding frozen petits pois peas and blending the jumble over low heat - thirty seconds, a good scoop of butter gently stirred in - one minute. carefully tasting, possibly adjusting for salt - and i'm done.

rice ladled into preheated bowls, topped with the shrimp mix and, snip-snip as much chives as i happen to like. napkin pursed, spoon and fork laid aside, beer poured and, as if by magic, she appears, starved it seems from her research.