easy living, easy dinner

the fishmonger had these beautiful petrale flounder, just came in, this  very monday morning. three same size fish to the pound, two perfect for dinner and the third as inevitable midnight snack. three plates to do the fish, one with flower, one with egg and the third with crusty bread crumbs, crunched from yesterday's baguette in ten cuisine-art-seconds. crumbs flavored well with paprica and black pepper, some salt. a large fry pan, inch deep in oil, halve olive, halve grape seed. hot enough to sizzle each side of a flower-egg-crumb breaded fish - ten seconds per side. three fish fried, stacked on paper towels, ready for plating. twelve minutes fish prep flat-out complete.
before the fish business though: slow carrots with seeds, cumin and fennel, languidly, in butter. these took, mostly unattended, virtually all of the total time. stemmed leaf spinach steamed on grape oil took no time at all. its companion sauce, a  wasabi-soy-sesame mix drizzled - twenty seconds. 
all in all, carrots, spinach and fish, out the kitchen and served, took a pretty deft max of seventeen minutes. and was ravaged in five.