oh, it's been a while, but tonight i made polenta. i always forget the beauty of that dish, cooked corn as it is, done up 1:4, bubbling all the way with the occasional rousing stir, at times a splash of liquid so that the hodge (-podge) or the brei (the mash) wouldn't get stuck to the bottom of my pan. an hour later i had the supple softness i wanted. a spoon of the hot to cool on a plate, tasting for what might have to be added, subtraction at this point not being an option.
1:4 usually is done with water, boiling hot and slowly feeding the one, ground corn, mine was medium coarse from the pantry-shelf. this time i had some chicken broth in the fridge and why not? it is after all liquid, and rightfully brimming with flavor, which is what some corn might use. unless you're a purist, damn you, i ain't, so my stir-about included, broth aside, three tiny anchovies, instead of salt, quite a bit of tarragon leaves, which incidentally this time of year tastes a lot like anis, and a wee of the unusual, the seeds of half a vanilla bean. while my pot was bubbling, on a slow vaporous pill, i'd say, like an every so often puff, a blob blistering, gently from the bottom of my pan, bubbles from a witches brew, which, once it had cooled, it resembled. 
so this here corn pudding, a polenta of sorts, you'll forgive me, was joined, pleasantly claimed, arrogated if you wish, by my very own tomato concoction. a simple notion of marzo tomatoes, from the can, reduced to aspire a dense, almost fat, however mellifluously dulcet sauce, forgive my argot extrĂȘme, such silly catsup accompanied a piece of king salmon, frozen up there in its native alaska, but properly rendered in my fry pan to maintain that moisture one might expect from a fish of such birthright.

ach, it was delicious, and all my florid pretentious cant aside, it was as good as my confab above.

thanks for reading, pictures tomorrow, if there are leftovers photogenic enough to deserve an image.

instead here are two images: plated and dug into...