rice and peas and, yes, bacon

springtime in portland. it rains. and the peas are from a pesticide-free farm near half-moon bay in california. they call them 'english', don't ask me why. s'pose to differentiate them from french peas, the italians call them piselli inglese, must be the way they feel about the french. back 'em ländle' they're known as 'frische ärbsa'. go figure. my rice, a long grain jasmin, grows in burma where farmers don't use pesticides like they might in california. the bacon, ah, the bacon: applewood smoked, no nitrates, from a pig, runs wild, feeds on acorns, hazelnuts and mushrooms. mostly. the local farmer says so. hm.
stephanie has left me. for a whole week. which simply means that i eat a little less fanciful, more like a farmer. a bowl, with food, a fork and a glass of beer. no napkin. peas and rice and bacon. i love this dish.
i start doing the bacon in the toaster oven. at 350. start the rice, a cup'a in chicken broth. next, heat butter in a pan to make hazelnut butter (imagine there is a website showing how. i mean: people!!! how hard can this be?) while the butter does its thing, i shell my peas. feels so good getting those guys from their husk. off swirling in the butter. that's it. the bacon is crisp, the rice goes 'ping'. a warm bowl, first the rice, then the peas with their butter and last the bacon. as you can see.

and suddenly there is a sunset. well, kind of. after a thunder grey day, a little bright, low in the west. was it my dish? well, just call it a sunset.