the heart of the artichoke

heart of artichoke

when i first thought of this dish i went -hm- and then -hm- again.
i tasted the individual parts and went yes, this might be the making of a great salad, sweet, salty, sour and the slight bitter, peppery crisp of  mizuna. there was then the amalgam of the altogether, that savory, the umami, as in a glorious mix of primordial parmesan with my miso-mayo, a sweetly salty, a lustrous condition making a creamy contrast to the crusty, the bluff rudeness of old parmesan. the heart of artichoke, a crunch, if ever there is one, and an arresting flavor, trying to worry the milky flesh of halibut, a sashimi-like quality only an utterly fresh fish can afford. mizuna as base, a leafy palate on which to present all the others; to drink? well, sake, a dry, an icy liquid, which would, if for a moment, arrest those many, very hued flavors.