recipe revised


one of my new favorite things to eat, especially these days in portland, is what i call: my rainy day soup.
i get an oxtail, cut into 2-inch pieces from uwajimaya, set it up cold in 2 quarts of beef broth over high. as the liquid runs to the boil, i'll keep it simmering, then, once reduced by half, or until the oxtails begin to peek out, i gradually add small amounts of additional beef broth to keep the liquid level. (or water, if i'm fresh out of broth) this will take a few hours, but really fills my kitchen with such marvelous scent. the result likely keeps for part of a week, depending on how soup-reliant my menus evolve.
we have in portland a tofu maker, darkly japanese,  of doing daily fresh tofu, i'm lucky, they're just down the street. so i run over to 'ota tofu' whenever i need truly, truly fresh, firm tofu. 
i keep typically a batch of previously cooked black beans, mexican style, in my icebox, but if for some reason i've run out, i open a can of black soy beans. (kuromame amani)
so, you get it, i cut the tofu into half inch cubes, adding which-ever-one of those black beans, and heap a pre-heated bowl with just the right amount to quench lunch, even a dinner hunger. the broth, deep, dark, dank and thronging, this side of a boil, enriched (further? really? with possibly what?) a heavy spoon full of  black miso (you mustn't get the miso to a boil!) diluted, of course, and backed off into the main. this very hot liquid will cover and warm the tofu and beans. scissors-cut cilantro, or chives, if you have any, a nugget of butter (always that) you'll likely think: way too much beans, way too rich, but quoting luther, an excellent cooking mentor, who is said to have said: why aren't you farting and burping, was my soup not to your liking? hence my rainy day soup brings out the delight of (amongst others) the sun, these days a rare phantasm in my now-a-days home away from my, if former, hometown. new york, sinatra's town of yore. old manhattan of course, will always be my first love, stephanie aside, but these days my love for the city is, for any purpose, so far retracted - and from what i've heard and read, it ain't even as bad now as it seems to have been, and as it , during my time, certainly once was.
so, soup of the evening, to quote another sensuous or censorious, love of mine, mock turtle herself, or, should you wish, the correspondent of foods, that cavillous woman herself, fed the wolf.