even more roses

they say, a rose is a rose is a rose, or a rose by any other name still is a rose. 
either by gertrude or as in the name of the rose by umberto...
you go and defend that, even in a platonic way. then visit portland and take a look at the rose garden there. even though for a town known as "rose city", this garden is absurd. i suppose the garden is supported by the rose growers of america, whoever they are: the american garden rose selections (AGRS) which has been replaced by the all american rose selections (AARS). what does it all mean? basically that almost all roses exhibited in portland are some form of hybrids. or hybrids of hybrids in sizes from thumbnails to soup plates. real old roses, the canina, or a damascena, even for instance the honorine de brabant, an exquisite old bourbon rose, those are virtually not represented. still, the garden is a rose spectacular, a color extravaganza. they come in any color you might wish for, really, any shade, any mix, the darkest and deepest red, though not black, which isn't a color anyways. especially in june, but even now in the heat of mid august the roses are in excellent bloom and each bush tenderly cared for by ladies, volunteers in their own, if of later bloom, and they snip and deadhead until all looks tidy and yes, there will even be more blooms they say, certainly  many more, until late, way into november.