pockets (won-ton)

haven't done these in a while, not as blog at any rate. some images, how to progress and how to serve.
before i make these i prepare a broth. seven large oxtails (1) fit one of my stovetop pots. i roast them on both sides. once they are nicely browned, i add water to cover, bring the liquid to a boil, then turn down the heat to a gentle simmer. for about seven hours, adding more water to keep the the oxtails submerged. i do this in the morning, so that i have my broth ready when my dumplings are. take the oxtails from the broth and set them aside until they have cooled. remove meat (2) from the bones and set aside. freeze bones for later use.
clarify the broth (3) to remove fat and various stuff. flavor the broth to your taste. keep on a light simmer until ready to use.
as in the image: place a lump of prepared meat (4) in the center of a won-ton wrapper (5) brush the edges with egg yolk (6) fold won-ton into shape. set aside.
cook a few won-ton at a time in boiling salt water for two minutes, then place all into simmering broth for a few minutes until ready to serve. add chives.

1 oxtails: a chinese market or your butcher. oxtail is cut into five to seven rounds, about three pounds.
2 scrape meat from each oxtail, set aside or freeze for later use
3 clarify broth: http://www.bhg.com/recipes/how-to/cooking-basics/how-to-clarify-stock/
4 prepared meat (or other filling) in a cuisinart grind together equal parts of beef, pork, parsley. add two egg yolk and spicing to taste. combine and freeze for later use.
5 won-ton wrappers: chinese market
6 folding the wrapper over the filling: brush won-ton edges with egg yolk. place a small lump center and fold wrapper in half to form a triangular pocket. pinch the triangle sides together to form the won-ton.